I’ve Got A Question

Can someone tell me what this arrow (that I’ve circled in red) is over the “trim” tab? Sometimes it’s red/yellow and I’m assuming it has something to do with trim but I can’t figure out what itt means.

Also - I’ve seen this tip about the “away icon” tons of times, but can anyone tell me where the away icon is? I’ve been wondering for a couple of years.

I believe this means you need to uptrim the aircraft to neutralize the elevators - it’s pretty much a non-issue on ground and if you lay your device flat while taxiing it will come up (not 100% sure though so please correct me if I’m wrong).

You can’t see it on yourself. If you go to the map and click on someone it might say “Away xx mn”, that’s the away icon.

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You’re not calibrated so it’s telling you to trim nose down. Recalibrate and it’ll go away

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In addition this is not something you can control. You are automatically marked away after 2 minutes without touching the device.

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It is a little bit buggy though with what it counts as active (sometimes you will be shown as active or Away 0mn even if you haven’t touched the device in hours), but I’ve never had an issue passing through center with it.

To add something regarding the away icon, on the ATC UI, the controller will see a small orange dot when the aircraft is away on the strips, and a green one when the aircraft is active, to get a quick idea of the activity state of a pilot.

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