I’ve gone way past the required amount of XP for Grade 3 yet thy is still Grade 2

A few days ago when I had the correct amount of XP for grade 3 it was showing that I was a grade 2 . Developers Please Help. Alexander Kungu

Can you post a screenshot of your grade table plz

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Just cause you have the xp doesn’t mean you’re allowed to join the expert club. If you have violations then you are not welcome to the club. You also need the right flight hours as well

A picture always helps thee

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Yep when you get ghosted or get violations you can’t join expert because ther is a required amount of violations that you can’t exceed in 3 days

Click the ‘i’ next to Grade 2, send it over and we can find out the other info, you have the flight time xp and flights.


I have though but it says Grade 3 is 40,000 XP

Then send a picture over, cause xp is not everything to become a good pilot

Press the i and send a screenshot. You will have violations or something stopping you bumping up.

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You can’t exceed 3 violations In 24 hours so technically speaking if you past 3 violations in that amount of hours you can’t join Expert server global

Yes so can you send a picture after pressing

that button.
We want to see the table and see your stats


Grade 3 requires several criteria, including a minimum XP (40,000), minimum violations within 24 hours, minimum violations in 7 days, minimum flight time, and minimum landings within 90 days. If you have exceeded the minimum XP requirement you will almost certainly have completed all the others, and therefore you almost certainly have to many violations to reach grade 3.

You’re not a very good senior pilot are you? You still have violations for breaking Tyler’s Laws. Please stop breaking the rules and then you can join the entry level of the expert club. Look at the 7 day table, you have violations, stop breaking the rules, if you do that in expert


It’s just a display name Andrew stop saying I’m not a good senior pilot. technically if your a grade three your an intermediate Pilot up until you get to grade 5

Also may I ask why you have 766 flights but only 114 landings, you know the landing gear isn’t infinitely strong

btw check your DM

They must have counted my flights when we all had to fly regions.

a flight is technically a takeoff and a couple of minutes of flying. e.g. I ended some sessions after 5mins and they counted as flights

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