I’ve found a new way to make infinite Flight more fun for me!

I have since taken a break from IF to focus on school and my future in aviation and I have not been flying a whole lot. But last week I completed my first long haul in 6 months and I couldn’t have been happier about it! I flew from Amman Jordan to JFK. Don’t have a whole lot of time to fly long haul flights on IF so I decided to fly during school while leaving my device at home I’m able to fly a 12+ hour flight and still be able to land when I get home. I know a majority of IF users do this but I just found it so exciting and completely rediscovered the fun of flying long haul.

I’ve also started a personal career mode for myself where I start from where I last landed and I feel like that way I will explore more of the world and see more places.

I just just wanted to share how happy I am with Infinite Flight and and I’m very happy to be back!


That’s a very cool idea! I did that myself for a while, probably going to start again at some point. Flew somewhere, then checked FR24 where I could fly next. If I didn’t find anything, I did a GA or Cargo flight to a random place somewhere else. It really allows you to fly routes you’d normally never fly!


That’s great! You’ve motivated me to start my own career mode now!! catch you in the skies :) Welcome back

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