I use Chrome book so my controls are keyboard

Im using a chromebook and i am having trouble with some controls. i have no issue taking off and using the runway however when up in the air i have no idea how to roll the plane so i can turn it in a direction and the rudder does not do it… anyone able to help?

Try going into the control settings in game and see if you can adjust anything

I’m not sure Infinite Flight is supported on Chromebook.


Even though it may run, Infinite Flight is not currently officially supported on Chromebook.

I am not sure if others have been successful.


I play IF on a Chromebook R13 but I use its touch screen capability and phone like controls to pitch and steer. IF works fine for me. What type of Chromebook do you use?

Can you please send through a screenshot of the following screen:
Settings > Controls > Commands
(I’m fairly sure it’s that, if it’s not, let me know ;))

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