I unsubscribed from my old account. Help!!

Any ways I can get my old account back please infinite flight team?

It’s possible to link back your old account, but you’ll have to wait for a staff to attend to you. It shouldn’t take long though!

Can you explain the situation to me exactly please? Not staff but I might be able to help.

Ok, so I was installing the BETA version and my 1 monthly subscription was ending, so after I installed BETA I went into the game and I needed to join Infinite Flight pro, but on the non-BETA version my subscription was ending in one day. Then i went into Google play and I tried to update my pro subscription but is kept saying “2nd payment back up isn’t selected” so I thought that if I go into Google play and unsubscribe from infinite flight and uninstall it, then install it again that it would reset the game and I would be able to make a payment again, but when i went into infinite flight it came up with my old account with grade 1 that I had WAY WAY WAY before i got global. I am worried that i will have to start again and i will have to go back to grade 1. Because I have done SOOOO many flights to get this far . I hope that this issue can be resolved soon so I can go back to playing on my old account again. But I got a pro subscription for my old account and (if this problem gets resolved) hopefully I cpuld get a refund of the price of a 1 month subscription and transfer it back onto my old account. Sorry for my long email. I just really want this problem solved. I wish I just didn’t undo my subscription because I have a feeling that I will not be able to get my old account back. 😢😭
Rye :)

So…to be clear, you got a subscription on your old account when you didn’t intend to and you want it refunded?

Handled via email