I turned six today

I got angry and threw my watch out the window…

Time flew.

Life update:

Hi, it’s been one year since I turned five , that makes me six apparently. Also, did you know that every 365 days in Canada, a year passes? 🤯

Anyway, here’s some screenshots for you, enjoy!

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

First Route
Route: CNK4 - KASE
Aircraft: Challenger 350 (NetJets)
Flight Time: ≈ 4 hours

Second Route
Route: CYOW - CNK4
Aircraft: Cessna 172 (Near North Aviation)
Flight Time: N/A

Third Route
Route: CYOW - End Flight
Aircraft: F-18
Flight Time: N/A

First route: CYOW - CNK4 w/ @Infinite_Qantas

BTS of an underbelly shot

no sun this time, your eyes are safe.

Route Two: CNK4 - KASE

C-GOXJ’s view of NetJets zipping out of Parry Sound Municipal

The land of the 30,000 islands

the classic turning angle shot taken over Colorado.

@Kamryn style shot. Also, Bob the Tomato is flying this plane…

a @DeerCrusher style sunset.
There are sunsets. Then there are SUNSETS

Route Three: F-18 fun

awww cute, a wee wittle f-18 hornet getting some moon rays on its underside 🥰

Alright, that’s all I have today, thanks for viewing, and cheers to six years on this forum! 🥂

I shouldn’t have to clarify this but, this post is satire; I am over triple the age of 6. I just have been on the forum for 6 years.

Last topic:
And God said, “let there be light”


Happy 6th birthday! Great shots as always, that challenger shot with the landing lights is stunning :0

Toats adorbs!!! ❤️


Mind absolutely blown 🤯


Thx <3

All your posts of sunsets make me jealous haha. It looks so great flying up there, and Cl35 is a beautiful aircraft too. Maybe I’ll join the club one day 🤞

@Darkspoul Thanks, and I’m glad you like that one! Wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out because of the lighting. :)


Together we can stop this!
Great pictures btw


I must say, these photos are so good I would use them to promote one of these airplanes in an ad!

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Dream of it and you can. Make your dreams come true!


Thanks @Ty_Davis, haha, would that be awesome! Glad you like them!

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I’ll just leave this here to… I got a good laugh out of this when I realized what I had done 😂


Nice pics, happy 6th birthday!

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Happy birthday lil bro

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Thanks, lol, appreciate it! 🙌

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