I tried to edit a picture

So I downloaded PicsArt to try to edit a random taken IF picture and these are the results (I know I at 2 I only used a router but I think it kind of looks cool):

Original picture unedited

One filter

Another filter

That’s what it looks like if I really try to edit a picture… lol

Advice how to improve are appreciated!
Thank you!


the 4th pic looks the best but my best bet is that u try to brighten the natural colours up just a bit


Pretty much yes because I didn’t have and don’t have any idea how the professional editors do it
The only other thing that I did was making the plane look sharper than the background I think maybe some minor changes but that’s pretty much it that’s why I asked for help😅

the ^ above was a advice
can i have the picture i can send u a example how i wud have done it

this wud be how i wud have done it

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Here’s how I did it:

Wow! That was amazing!

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Nice looks more friendly then mine

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You made it look pretty realistic just a bit too dark if you ask me

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Thanks dude

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The 3rd picture makes me think of a Southwest 737 landing at KSAN Runway 27 for some reason. I’ve never landed at KSAN in a 737 lol 😂

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G’day mate, not bad for your first edit. Below is your picture that I edited to the way I do. My biggest tip is to never over edit. Over editing can make a picture that was going to look good bad. If you find none of the filters are working try changing the looks of the picture manually.

But as with anything

Practice makes perfect


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Thank you for the advice I will try to follow it when editing the next time

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sorry these look like deep fried memes

they’re all overedited. 4th picture is the best outta them all

Maybe because of this KSAN enthusiasts that are telling everyone that KSAN is better than KLAX (I think)

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I just tried out some filters I didn’t edit them really beside the last one