I tried to do a flight, but

So I went to infinite flight to have amazing experience of airbus a350 with long haul flight from Mexico to Doha (on Training Server), but these things happened…
When I pushed back, ATC told me “continue taxi”, then I requested taxi instructions to 5L, but he told me to go to 5R for no reason… When I lined up the runway, started rolling, I reached 80 knots ATC told me hold position and cancelled me takeoff clearance. So I went to 5R again, he did this the second time, but this time I had speed something like more than V1 so I ignored and tried to rotate. After I rotated, I just didn’t gain altitude fast (about 100feet per minute), so I decided just to crash (yeah, the best decision). So I spawned at the gate the second time because I just wanted to do this flight. I pushed back, troll-ATC went offline so I normally took off, with a little faster fpm rate. I gained altitude but then decided to turn on dark mode in my phone. I opened notification panel, changed to dark mode and… Infinite flight just crashed! Wow! It was nice hour.
Here are some screenshots of Tr0LL ATC!

Did you have any tries to do flights like mine?


Don’t always listen to TSATC anyone can join and troll. You can go on the expert server because the atc is much better there.


Hold on, was that on Expert server?

No, Europe is featured today.


That doesn’t sound good.

Is this post a complaint, or is it for fun and giggles. I’m kinda confused

I decided for a second not to fly this flight after the takeoff. Happens frequently for me last time

@Ryanairy55 While this is can be frustrating, this is the Training Server and things like this do happen. The best advice I can give you is to keep flying and work your way up to Grade 3 where you have more professional and experienced ATC controllers. Have a good day :)

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I used to fly in Training server, I don’t know why don’t I always choose expert… Thanks for reply :)

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@robert_xing Yeah, 2 for 2. Don’t do this.

As far as ATC on TS goes, if they’re trolling, the best course of action is just ignore them and flee the airspace. Going airplane mode also does wonders (after you exit the airspace just turn it off - be careful with this as it can put some unnecessary strain on your device but if you need to ignore the ATC it works).

I mean…the ATC can’t troll you in casual :)


@AndrewWu You must have the worst luck getting trolled by ATC on casual servers :D

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No ATC on the casual server. Continue the casual server chat in PM please.

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