I tried Spirit Airlines! And

So yes, they we go, i am in the Concourse 1 at MCO ready for my trip to New Orleans MSY. I had the choice between Southwest and Spirit. I choose don’t ask why

So yeah, today’s airplane for my 1h30 flight is an A321, a yellow banana:

View from Gate 6:

The boarding was a Chao, everyone was hurrying to board the plane and it’s wasn’t comfortable. I was welcome by a friendly crew. My seat is located in the back of the plane. I doesn’t took a photo of my seat cuz i forgot.
Soon as i board we pushed back(at time):

Taxi and takeoff (still at time somehow )

Bye Florida:

Entering New Orleans:

Landing, the landing was smoother than i expect.


Overall: 7/10, chaotic boarding, friendly crew, costly food, bad legroom, half cleaned cabin, no entertainment, smooth landing.

That’s it:) .


Why is there a Canada dry on a american airline?


It’s quite common here in the states. There’s a lot of things that are from other countries that US stores carry.


im really confused if this is IF or IRL lol

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I think it’s an IF recreation of an irl flight.

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Nice work pilot

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You’re pfp is a Spirit aircraft though…

Clearly there is a typo here lol

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We need a yellow Spirit livery for the A320.

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It got confirmed not too long ago. Probably will come next year some time if the developers are feeling generous lol

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