I tried making a Infinite Flight Video

I used to make YouTube videos but not really anymore. Here is my recent attempt to try making one… (Not being posted on Youtube)

Keep in mind…

  • Used only an Iphone
  • Some issues with quality, sounds etc

Flight Information

  • Sydney to Gold Coast
  • Qantas Boeing 717
  • About an hour of flight time

Music used: Blitzkreig Bop Piano version by vkgoeswild

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Leave tips too!


  • Don’t try cutting to very similar scenes
  • Get better quality
  • Don’t cheat music
  • Try editing the video more…

I actually think it was good! I would recommend staying away from engines because they look so unrealistic in IF and id like to see you make another one with a different plane and route!


Awesome you flew to the Gold Coast! Also you flew right over my old house. Very well done.

For the editing it’s pretty good, when I’m editing my setup usually looks like this:


Really cool! That was really good compared to some other vids!!

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Unfortunately I do not have the resources to accomplish these. My Iphone can not record high quality videos

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why is the channel name YEET

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video name

Ooh, what’s that video going to be about?

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It’s a super secret one that only a few know well everyone in Slack knows about and some are helping me with flights. You’ll see it in a couple of weeks or few weeks, I can say it’s basically in pre alpha as I’m still getting videos, most things are off beat, etc.

The vid looks great! But Yeet? Really? You know, you could always do Yeet 001… just throwing that out there.

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Yeet because god said to me that yeet was the holy word…

Nah, just lazarbeam…

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Nice video, you should definitely upload it! I subbed as well ;)

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I wont, but if someone else wants to upload it, sure

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