I took off out of KMIA ,this livery is great


I don’t think this is a group flight, since it is a flyout, but I could be wrong

Please follow the title required for the #live:groupflights category.



Hey! We appreciate you post today. But your post isn’t the right for #live:groupflights. Please take a look at the topic linked below, also try to put more details.


Can’t find live event

This is because you are TL1. You need to be TL2 in order to post in #live:events and #live:groupflights.

Just keep liking, posting and being active and you’ll be TL2 in no time!


Changed it

That’s a real life picture and therefore unfortunately not suitable for this category, even though it’s a nice picture! Sorry.

There’s an own category for spotting pictures (#real-world-aviation:spotting), but I am unsure whether it’s available to TL1 users.

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You basically changed the whole topic.

Also, that is one epic photo! Did you take it?

Yes I did , i love this livery

You cannot change one topic. You can simply create a new topic instead of misleading the whole thread. I am really confused and this thread has already came to a mess.


Redo it right :)