I Took A Little Trip (Part 2): Switzerland

I’ve put this topic off for a while, but now it’s here. Back in May I took a “little” trip to Europe, and this is the Part 2 of it. Obviously.

Switzerland was an excellent country for spotting, and while the weather was a bit less than ideal, we got some good stuff nevertheless.


Canon 90D
Sigma 150-600mm

The first Swiss spotting experience was immediately upon landing from Marseille during our 1h30min layover in Zürich prior to heading to Geneva. Immediately after reaching the E pier spotting deck we were surprised with this Qatar Amiri A340-200 arriving for some government thing, I forgot what (it would later be joined by a Saudi 777 and Cambodian A320). Backlit, but I’ve done my best to make it presentable.

On the topic of Qatar, the Qatar retro 777 departed while I was there. A bit of a bland livery, but still pretty cool nonetheless.

After our flight over to Geneva, we got out to some spotting in the last bit of sunlight. This Air Hamburg Embraer Legacy 650 was arriving from Riyadh.

Got trolled by the weather on our spotting day in Geneva, but we made the best out of it. Definitely want to go back for redemption.

This Swiss F/A-18 Hornet arrived back from a morning sortie at Payerne Air Base.

Another Swiss Hornet arriving back from a morning sortie.

Then we got covid, lol. We chose to quarantine in Zürich and booked a hotel room for the week with perfect views of arrivals on runway 28. Shooting through the window wasn’t exactly ideal, and neither was the lighting all the time, but spending an extra week in Switzerland with this view I can’t complain about.

This shot of a KLM 737 arriving on runway 28 perfectly sums up how the elevation changes around Zürich.

After recovering from covid, we decided to head to the airport early in the morning before heading back to the US to catch the morning heavies.

One of the many Swiss A220s comes in as the first of many flights from Geneva.

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Omg no way you went to Switzerland? That’s so cool I had no idea that you went to Switzerland including zurich intl airport which is in Zurich in Switzerland ‼️

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You’ve been making this joke for well over three months now my guy

more accurately known as “i got stuck in switzerland”


And I will continue to make it for the foreseeable future

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Swiss chocolate 🍫

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where was my invitation altaria55.

Sadly, that’s not the retro livery 😬

This is it:


This one is a B77W they took from Cathay Pacific, hence the white livery.

Great pictures as always!

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No comment

Caught that one too

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Oh didnt realize that… Sorry for that minimpd moment 😔

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