I Took A Little Trip - Part 1 [KIAD/EDDM/LPPT/LFMO/LFML]

Recently, I took an overseas trip to Europe and did a bit of spotting over there. @Robertine, you have some very nice things to spot in France and I will very much be coming back to see more of it.


Canon 90D
Sigma 150-600mm

Omni 767 sitting on the cargo ramp at Dulles

A United 787 taxiing in to the ramp at Munich

An Air France A318 jetting back off to Paris

An Oman Air 787 taxiing in to the terminal after a thunderstorm cut our spotting short

A Turkish 737 begins it’s trek back to Istanbul from Lisbon

A TAP A330neo lifts off on it’s journey barely across the Atlantic to Recife

A Mirage 2000 serving in the Escadron de Chasse 2/5 Île-de-France coming in for landing. This squadron of Mirages is being retired and disbanded in the coming days, so it was a great opportunity to see them while they’re still around.

Same as before, except it’s in cool colors.

An Ethiopian A350 takes off for Addis Ababa from Marseille on a cargo run

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Beautiful pictures, thanks for the @ too!


Did someone say Brazil? (Well, a Brazilian city at least.)

Amazing photos. 😍

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Brilliant shots !

Very cool shots! So crisp👀

When did bro get a 90D this is news to me

I love this perspective at MUC! And the Oman Air livery is also one of my most favorite at MUC! You also managed to avoid the windows quite well!

How was “Europe’s best rated airport”?

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It was a rental 🫡

Very good, better than any airport in America I’ve been to. Both customs and security took 5 seconds.

That’s great to hear! I love my home airport (probably too much ^^)

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Nice photos!

was it to help you blend in with the rich af zurich spotters in zurich switzerland?

The best one is of the Mirage 2000 (the regular one). It’s also a very clear photo that shows perfectly the camouflage colours.

A “little” trip? That’s more airports than I’ve ever been to.

Beautiful shots though! Need to go to France now for those Mirages…

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Good luck - one less squadron to find them at this week


I’ll keep that in mind. I’m sure they’ll stay a while though.

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