I thought they updated “jetbridges” at JFK

Hello guys, I finally landed at jfk without any problems. Last 2 or 3 times I had an issue of the airport not loading. But as I cross 22R and taxi into Terminal 4 i see the same problem from all time. No Gates/jetbridges. This is one of my favorite airports to fly in and out of but it would be cool to have at least working jetbridges.


I just spawned at KJFK Terminal 4B Gate 28 in an A220-200. There doesn’t seem to be an issue regarding the jet bridges. It might be an error regarding your graphics settings (too low)

Also, please move this topic into the #support category :)


I would recommend for you to clear cache and see what happens

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I’ll try and see

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Well I am testing the app with “test flight “

Hi @Jesus_Gutierrez, can you navigate to Settings —> About to see which version you are on?

22.5 one of the mods asked to test the app with “test flight “ and report any issues with the app

Well I did clear cache and nothing happens. Maybe is because I’m testing the app. If I re install the original app maybe it would be fixed

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In that case, wait for assistance from a developer. You are running a version of the app that others cannot acces, so we cannot provide assistance.

We might want to wait untill one of them comments since you are using Testflight, which is a third-party application. One question from my side tho, have you tried using the app without Testflight?

Alright will do

It seems as though you are on a different build to the public (RTM Build) and the beta build. As Pingu stated, you are unlikely to receive any solution because the build you are on is “temporary” and very few others are on it.

Just hang tight until you are back on the RTM build, everything is working smoothly again. Test builds are for testing issues, at the end of the day :)


Hey I decided to uninstall the test version and it worked. I did spawn back at JFK but app settings were reset. Gates Connect with no problem