I thought infinite flight removed the 90 days?

I’m on the latest update ? But why is it still showing?


It is for Levels 1,2,3 not 4-5.


I’m grade3? I’m confused

It’s only removed for grade 3. Requirements for grade 4 and 5 are kept as some kind of motivation, otherwise everyone can be grade 5 easily.

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You can move from 2-3 for example if you have xyz landings total, but not 3-4 if under 90day requirments.

Latest update to

Yes, I would recommend checking the Paragraph in the blog about the new grade requirements. Let me get you a link.

Okie it’s so weird I’m grade3 rn

" As announced in a previous blog article, we’ve removed the 90-day flight time and landing requirement for grades 3 and below. This means that if you have to take some time off, you won’t lose your progress either working toward or keeping your expert server requirements!"

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Oh okay ya I saw that but rn I’m grade 3 but it just went down landing numbers 😭 might of found the frist bug

How do we report it ?

Which is completely normal?

You’ll be able to stay in grade 3 even the number zeroes out. I don’t see any issue to report
The orange requirement is for grade 4, not grade 3

Oh wait, I misread his comment FlightGT is correct here my bad!

Ooo I’m just worried about the 90 day going down

If you don’t fly, the number will go down. The only difference is that it won’t prevent you from entering expert server anymore.


Ooooo. Phew I was scared for second

That I would loose grade 3 is there anything on the article

Read the blog for more info

Grade Requirement Changes (infiniteflight.com)

This is what the changes are all about, to keep you expert server access

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