I thought I had avoided this 😂

I had IF in March and April this year, and it crashed on every flight I did. I cancelled my pro because of it, and bought it again in December. Everything was fine! No crashes, running smoothly on high graphics and 60fps, and today it crashed just as I was pulling into the gate at LAX after 11 hours. I hope it doesn’t continue, but damn that hurts haha. I’ll stay positive though! I’ve seen this everywhere else, so I hope it’s not the same for me.


The sim crashes a lot since 22.8, so don’t worry ! It’s a known issue ;)


Yeah, I’ve seen this around a lot , especially on IOS devices, so I hope a fix comes soon. I guess it was because LAX was very busy with lots of traffic. It’s strange because I have done many long flights since I got pro again, and they have been fine. Anyway, I hope a fix comes soon :)

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Same issue here, crashed about 4 times each flight heading out of SFO, very frustrating

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Yeah mine was just about 20ft away from my gate, very frustrating

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