I think we need a "ATC ....remember me please" button

Addtional Buttons:

This is my second hold…why me
I’m on my lunch break and need to land
My wife is calling…please get me on the ground in a hurry
Dude…you vectored me away from destination 10 minutes ago. Can i come back now

Any others ya’ll can think of cause after that Washington flight today…i think I’m done with IF

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Feel free to send me a message including your callsign and I will explain to you what happened.


NJ24 was your controller. Please message him for inquiries. Fwiw, DCA is super busy right now so the wait time is going to have to be high in order to incorporate the 80 people (not exaggerating) that want to land there.

This is not a realistic level of traffic for KDCA irl.


I could use this feature request IRL if it were a real thing. Haven’t been forgotten about too much tho. 😂