I think this was way overhyped

This update was massively overhyped and most peoples expectations wernt met but hey this doesnt mean the update is bad its actually amazing but its the incredible amount of hype that makes us feel as if the updates contents are what we wernt expecting and are like a slap in the face.


Teach yourself programming, get a feel for how much work it is, then return and judge how well the update has met/not met people’s expectations.

EDIT: That’s not supposed to sound insulting btw, it’s just a lot easier to get an idea of the work involved if you know how much effort it takes.

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thanks for your comment

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From the perspective of FDS, this wasn’t overhyped - sneak peeks were shared as they always have been, and everything that has been shown about this update has made it into the final build.

Now, when the community gets their hand on these peeks, that’s were the hype can be generated :)


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