I think this game is not for me

Because i just get too frustrated and stresses about notable to control plane i need to know what pilots i How in the world plane dont craso with echo other do to know where they aré this is just too stressing it makes me feel like im responsible for hundreds of lives i dont even know when to actívate and dísactivate the autopilot

Much like most things in life, practice makes perfect.

Flying real or sim is not Differen. Keep practicing mate :)

It’s a game so no stress :).

You can activate or deactivate the autopilot as you wish, have a look on the tutorial part of the forum there is a lot of information there how to fly. Two important highlights which will stop you from getting violation after violation:

  • Max taxi speed 35 knots Ground Speed
  • Max speed below 10.000 feet is 250 knots Indicated Airspeed.

yeah and when im taking off if dont pull up the correct way or get sideways it could Cost everyones life in the plane

The ground sliding when taking off with winds is unrealistic i know. Try to correct it with the rudder.

od you fly in the air and you want to set on the AP under 10000FT
Set speed (SPD) to 250
Set vertical speed (VS) 0 means you stay on you attitude
Set an heading HDG on the heading you want under on the screen you see an compas with the heading you fly at that moment

Then why did you join the forums? Just asking…

I think he want ask quastions to us

Then why is he hating?

It takes a lot of time to understand the physics and the control. But it’s worth. At the end you will have a lot of fun!


@Manuel_Galindez… Manuel don’t dispare. First, think of this platform as a simulator not a game. Second, start small, you must understand the dynamics associated with flight first. Third, don’t try to fly a large commercial aircraft or fighter till your comfortable with the controls. Fourth, the technical stuff like flight planning useing the communications feature and ATC comes over time as you evolve you skills and knowledge. Let me suggest you view the training video… The C-172 is the best airframe in the inventory to gain confidence. Fly the 172 only until you can throw it around like a seat of the pants aviator of old.
I would be pleased to fly with you in the 172 to practice on the no rule server contact me anytime by Privet Message and we’ll chat about it off line.
Just tap my symbol and a message bar will appear. We’ll go from there.
Max Mustang Sends


Must you… This is a community! We help one another. Try it you’ll like it
Mad Max Sends


It’s all a matter of opinion. I can understand that some may have issues with the game. All the features are initially overwhelming because of the complexity and realism. Learning how, when, and why to activate those features also takes some effort.

However, that is partially why this forum exists (In my opinion). I think that Matt, Philippe, and David created this place as a base where you can learn and help each other. You can ask questions and have other real and virtual pilots, with or without much experience answer them. You can always search the forums to find previous questions, read the tutorials, and participate in discussions regarding the use of functions.

Long story short, this place is a database for all questions/knowledge regarding Infinite Flight and if your question has not already been answered, then help out some future pilots and add your question to the database!

We’re here to help (Well, most of us) and make flying easier. Never hesitate to look for an answer here!

Well said @Maxmustang!! All of us have 2 things in common:

  • Infinite Flight
  • Aviation

So lets help each other out instead of fighting and trying to put each other down just to be right.


Then why did you buy the game and join the forums? If you did then it shows that you have an interest in aviation and want to be a part of something bigger I remember 6 years ago when i was first introduced into aviation by fsx and i fell in love with aviation ever since. I was fascinated with how everything works and wanted to learn more. I always wanted to play fsx but i didn’t have the money to buy a good enough pc for it. It was 3 years ago when i was first introduced into infinite flight that my aviation experience started getting serious.I convinced my parents to buy the game and ever since that day i have no regrets buying it. As a newbie to aviation (since its my first time in the cockpit) i was terrible. I was stalling at take off and crashing at landing. if you asked me a basic aviation question i probably wouldn’t be able to answer it. I wanted to get serious with aviation so I watched many YouTube videos and many articles later here I am. what im trying to say is you just have to take the time to learn and practice so you could become better. I also see that you joined the community 6 days ago so i would also like to welcome you to the community!! We are a small community but we look out for each other. Here in this community you have the option to share you opinion on something and see what others think of it. You can suggest something you want the developers to add and who knows maybe in the future it will happen!! You have also the ability to report those sneaky bugs that get past final testing or host an event and fly with your friends. Also here in the community if you have any problems all you have to do is pm a moderator about an issue your having and they will resolve it for you… trust me the moderators of this community are more than happy to hear any issues your having and even have a nice conversation with you. Basically what im trying to say put in the effort and you’ll become better and this community has a lot to offer. Just follow its rules and there should be no issues for you :) I would also like to say my name is Benny and welcome to the community!!!

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How long did it take you to make that

about 5 min