I think the IFATC Controller abused.

So I was flying just over WMKK at 34,000 I tuned into Approach and requested vectors for an ILS approach into Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) I as I was waiting patiently for a vector instruction I was hit by a ghosted message. I am not frustrated nor annoyed I’m just upset as this has never happened to me in my life and have a feeling the controller abused his powers. If I can get any helpful statements or replies that would be great. Also I’m not sure were I could have gone wrong.

Yes 34,000 feet.

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Wait were you actually ghosted? Or just warned? You shouldn’t be requesting Landing vectors at 34,000 ft

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Contact @MannyG he will help you out.No need for more discussions…

I did not even get a single message from the IFATC Controller, I was hit with an Instant ghost,

I mean you shouldn’t contact ATC at that altitude, but still, instant ghost? I don’t think that’s necessary if that’s what happened.

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Well that’s a bit harsh imo but next time don’t request approach vectors till around FL120 and ~60 nm out.
And IAS definitely under 300kts

I swear, I was hit with an Instant ghost, I have playback and Recordings as proof.

Have a good read through this topic! Will help a lot in the future to avoid things like what happened to you! We are all on a learning curve and we all make mistakes! Chin up!


Check out your flight logbook for the ghosting reason and I recommend watching the replay to be sure that you have a case.

If you’re still convinced you were unduly ghosted, IF’s procedure say contact the controller in a private message (see the link in the first reply here).

Good luck

@Hussein_Zreik Please send a DM to him

yep I understand you, some IFATC controllers are like that.
They would rather ghost you for sending duplicate message instead of a player hit you and run over your plane and not getting ghost.


I believe he should have given me holding instructions. Or atleast asked me to contact ATC at a different time.

Not true. None of them will ghost you because that’s the easiest way. If their reason isn’t valid, you’ll get your ghost reversed. We are all humans though, we all make mistakes. Pilots and controllers as well.
On the other hand, abusing ghosting power (when proven) could result in suspension or removal from IFATC.


Why just contact the controller. All these is not going to help you resolve this matter.