I think I've been wrongfully reported for spam

Good Morning guys,

I chose to start a flight from KHND to KLAS in a C172. I made sure that the airspace wasn’t busy in case I got in the way of inbound aircraft. I tookoff, switched to VegasApproach and the first thing I noticed was that the controller was making almost everyone enter holds which I thought was unnecessary (the airspace wasn’t congested). I check in and request an approach and I get a hold at 8,000ft a little while away from the airport. To be honest it was kind of annoying but I did takeoff at Khnd to land at Vegas so I didn’t mind that much. A couple minutes into the flight I request to do the hold at 5,000 instead of the assigned 8k, which is replied to with a “please follow instructions”. So I continue to the assigned altitude. After a couple more minutes of flying I enter the hold, listen to the atis and tune back into approach. I request an approach again which immediately results in a report for spamming the frequency and a ghost. I’m now at grade 2 with an unnecessary report. Is there anyway I could get the report lifted? Does anyone think this is unfair?

Please PM @Tim_B for further discussion, thanks :)

The best way to get this resolved is by talking to him in a mature and respectful way to find a answer.

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This part here immediately throws me off. Why would you tune out if Approach and tune into ATIS while being vectored? Also if you do tune out and the tune back in, there is no need to request again…


I didn’t have the ATIS before so I was making sure I had it

If you tune into Approach then don’t tune out of it unless you have permission to do so by ATC. And then if you tune back again, there is no need to request whatever you requested again as that clogs up the frequency. The controller already knows what commands he gave you and what your intentions is if you already have been in communication with them.

Either way contact Tim B as tagged above for further discussion and better understanding of the situation or wait for him to contact you when he has time, since now that he got tagged, he should be alerted about this. There is no need to continue discussing here as I don’t know the whole story.


Alrighty, I deleted my reply and will wait for a reply from Tim. Thank you!

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As stated above the best is to PM him. There really is nothing else we can do. If you contact him and talk it out with him in respectful manner than you’ll probably get somewhere with this case :)

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I mean¿ When you guys don’t get hold then also you have problems and blames come as IFATC, doesn’t makes use of holds and doesn’t follows real life proceedure and when you get hold you don’t follow 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Tim is one of the best controller who tries keeping his airspace as much organised as he can. Anyways, PM him for morr clarifications

Also, holds are jus not used in congested airspace. It have various uses:
It’s often used to lose altitude if aircraft is too high. Don’t expect approach to give u direct vectors for ILS if you’ll call the request for approach at 35 nm and 16000ft or so🤷🏻‍♂️. You’ll definitely get a hold to reduce your altitude.