I think I just got the iOS update early...

I have not updated yet, but when I do, I will post some screenshots.

UPDATE: Okay, so the game isn’t opening. I think it is a bug with the App Store.


I don’t have the update yet. Must be a bug on your end. Weird

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Are you sure is not a fake because when does the app is 7.99. What website is that? Just saying…

It could be a different currency

Well it could be that

In Canadian dollars it is $7.99

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So that’s the AppStore for Canada. If the update was released earlier that we though we should have it time ago.

Is this directly from the apple website. Pretty sure Apple don’t have ads


Not necessarily

Ouch, I got it when it was $4.99. Is our economy really tanking that much that prices are almost doubling, geez.

It’s the Australian app store


I was surprised they had ads as well. It’s really weird.

Is that screenshot legit? I haven’t received the update yet here in California…

Update is not available yet, Apple is still reviewing it.

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I assumed so, but had hoped I was wrong. It seemed a bit soon. Even if IF acquired an expedited review, it would take 3-5 days from submission. I would think we’ll have it by Wednesday night.


Where did you find this website? What’s it called? fake probably