I think I broke a record but idk

Hi- I think I’ve just set a new record for the longest unaided flight in IF. Any way to check this? Currently at 50+ hours non-stop, no refuel, nothing.


How may I ask, have you done this? A350 with no pax and cargo and full fuel?

I do not believe that. I do not think any plane can fly for that long in infinite flight

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I‘d like to check on that aswell! Lets see if I hold the speed record of 17000knts GS👀


Nah 757-200, using a glitch

Well, that sounds fun :)

what is the glitch?

I would reveal it but it makes it possible to fly without fuel so I’d rather not reveal it

So your mobile device has been running for 50 hours non stop? Well rip device. You better get a new one. How hot is your device?


Yeah I’m surprised tbh

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ok if you say so I was interested in trying it out

I’ll give u a clue- it’s worked since I’ve started playing

literally the worse clue you can give.


If you are so curious just look it up online

Yeah I assume it’s online tbh

nothing good came up which I wasnt surprised

https://youtu.be/ZA16KPeNWjg Some proof if u want

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Are you still in the air? If you ask me, a record only counts if you can still land the plane. Good job though I guess.

I’m in the air but yeah to come down sure will be a challenge since I can’t decelerate naturally haha

Glitches dont count in records unless it is max height achieved by a glitch.