I thank the team for working on the game

I thank the team working on the game Flight


What ? Please be more specific in your title and post


He thanks the devs for making the simulator. Pretty simple.


Oh maybe if he added Devs that would be better team work could be pilots and ATC working together or actually everyone doing the right thing on TS1

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Everyone doing the right thing on TS1, what planet are you on?


People are flying on TS1… surely that’s the right think? 😕

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Who knows there are some days when I fly on TS1 when I have no problems

Are you SERIOUSLY complaining on a post that thanks the devs? Seriously dude, where are your manners.


The training server is the first place everyone can experience ATC, both from the pilot’s side and ATC’s side. You simply cannot expect flawless controlling on the TS. If you want those things, go on Expert. :)

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Was I complaining ?! All I asked if he was more specific because I had no idea who he thanking . Please read my comment above before you comment :)

Sounded like you complained in a sarcastic way about TS. :) Maybe rephrase? Your comment is really badly phrased, and can be interpreted several ways…

I wasn’t talking about the training server I was just saying that there are days where I enjoy flyingbon TS1 because of behaved pilots

He was just thanking the devs. No need to be specific. :) And if you’re talking about TS1, you’re talking about the training server… Lol…

Before he changed it he said
" I thank the team flight " I wasn’t sure what he was talking about :)

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Oh, was it the 31st of June?

No what ? Can you stop he obviously corrected the mistake it makes more sense now before it didn’t ok. Why do you guys keep dragging on my commment I have been flying on the TS1 to bring my grade up and I have seen better improvement when I’m flying it my opinion for goodness sakes. Did I offend you by saying that TS1 is doing better now. 😐

Not at all, I just think that most people would disagree about the training server being better. Also, I couldn’t think of a better joke than saying the 31st of June, as there is never a 31st of June.

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Actually I thought it was a nice comment, we got a little off topic here. A ton of work is clearly going into the game from a great many people, I say thanks as well

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We shouldn’t continue discussing here because we have no information what @Talal_Alriyami mean.

When he’s going to tell us, then, we could continue the discussions


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I think I may have misinterpreted what you said. I thought you were thanking everyone for doing the right thing on TS1. Did you mean you wish everyone would do the right thing?

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