I takeoff too early! How do I obtain a realistic takeoff run?

Hi there, I read an article on here this morning about making realistic takeoffs, I tried what was suggested and I still I rotated 1/3 down the runway,
These were my settings:
Trim 10%
weight normal
No wind
Heathrow 09R
VR 90%
Throttle 69%

Why is this happening? My takeoffs aren’t realistic at all, cab you help me to SEE HOW I CAN HAVE LONGER TAKEOFF RUNS?
Thanks a lot :)

In what way are your takeoffs unrealistic?

Let me try your settings.

Hi Adam,
I only roll down the runway for about 10-20 seconds, not even that! I then rotate at 1 third of the runway as I mentioned, if you watch takeoff videos online aircraft takeoff a lot later than that!

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What speed are you rotating at.

As I tried your settings and rotated after the tower. Which is similar to real life takeoff runs.

Yup! Takes off pretty quickly.
Throttle at 69% = 89% N1.
Maybe lower that to about 80.
Otherwise try an aircraft with an updated flight model, like the 777 or 787.

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Set your power to 60% until you get to 80 Airspeed then go to full power or whatever you want to set

Awesome thanks so much Jan, please keep me updated if you discover any other realism hacks!

Thanks Josh

Full power?
When do you use full power while taking off and why?


I’m rotating at about 150kt

I’m rotating a lot later. Do rotate at about 170 and do so as smooth as possible.

But even then I got this.

I found that putting N1 at 80% really helps.
When rotating around 150 kts, slowly get to a VS of 2500 and adjust the throttle to not loose speed.
I noticed the purple Trim indicater goes away at a setting of 75%!!
I guess that’s a lot, but the takeoff was perfect. 😀

Not full power but whatever the N1 is

this used to happen to me too!
have you checked your weight and balance?
otherwise, nothings from me. :-)

What is n1 ???

The smaller green % above the throttle.
It turns orange when it gets to 100%.

@Jules_Race advance to 40-50% to start, and slowly ease up to your desired power. You don’t need the whole of LHRs runway, but that should get you a decent roll.

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I know that but what does it mean like your throttle has reached where you want it or something because I know they don’t instantly get to full power???

I added this link to the earlier post a little later. Maybe you missed it.