I still need help with the B777-200LR

I know I posted a topic about this yesterday but I tried flying Vancouver to Sydney with the B777-200LR last night and when I reached my initial cruise altitude (FL320) my ETE was red even though I had taken full fuel at Vancouver. My throttle was at 76% when I reached cruise and that’s normal. I don’t know what to do.
Please help!

As you lose fuel you will become lighter thus using less fuel making you more efficient. Over time the red will disappear.

Did you continue the flight and step climb? Often it says that until later in to your flight. Don’t worry, it will equalize out as you gain altitude. The higher you are, the less fuel you burn.

I stayed at cruise for a bit but my ETE was still red. It said I had 15 hours of fuel remaining when my ETE was 15:46. I just gave up at that point. It’s really weird since I took 18:19 fuel at Vancouver.

As you lose fuel your fuel burn will be less. No point ending your flight. You just have to wait it out.

As i explained here:


Does having a headwind increase your fuel burn?

No, but it slows down your ground speed.

Well it does, not directly, cause you will have to stay in the air for a longer time as your GS will be slower.

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So basically there is no point to worry because I will make it and the red ETE is due to the fact that my fuel burn is high because my aircraft is heavy?

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