I still haven’t taken photos of the A330

Hello :)

Here are some photos I took a while ago and finally got around to editing. Enjoy them I guess :)

Bee movie script

Route: I don’t know the ICAO’s
Aircraft: Various
Server: All expert

Yours truly and @SB110 sitting at Montego Bay, Jamaica 🇯🇲

After a connection in Charlotte, we’re turning for a short final for runway 33 at DCA (realistic as heck, I know)

Weird person slowing down while I taxi to parking

I tried a retro edit for this one, not my favorite

A cool flight from SFO to YVR with @Kamryn. This was taken shortly before my takeoff, during which @yaqin_wen decided to cross the runway unannounced, resulting in me braking so hard that I fell through the ground 🙂

Another flight with Kammy, from LAX to Harry Reid McCarran. Here’s Kam over the beach at LAX

South🅱️est overflying LAX at 10K feet, over an AA 789 and a JAL 772

Some different lighting

Over the TBIT with Spirit of Atlanta

Another 738 blasting out of Vegas with me parked happily with Kameron

Apparently that is all, I hope you enjoyed the phots.


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❤️ You’re one to talk and @Kamryn

Jokes aside very cool photos. Not sure which is my favorite, they’re all good


someone did an oopsie

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Yes you did


That retro one looks creepily realistic… nice pics!

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Big AA guy now I c u 😎

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still not as good as southBest

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It looks really good though!

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Hi Yours Truly, Im Dad

HI weird person , Im Da- no i am not

Something tells me you like Top-down views

That 744 needs an update badly.

Great photos btw

I took one and liked it so I tried more. They turned out well, so I’m not complaining 🤷‍♂️

Not as badly as the E-Jets tho


Mate if it weren’t for the 747, your beloved e-jets won’t exist lmao

i told you old livery united >:S

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Nice photos!

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You said vignette


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Ayyye let’s gooo
I’m actually from 🇯🇲 :)

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but after that I also said old livery

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My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

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Cool! I’d like to visit sometime in real life

Rip I didn’t see

Forgive me, Andrew

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