I started flight lessons!

Very nice, congratulations on being on the Principal’s honour roll as well, that’s quite the achievement.

Can’t wait till my lessons (probably in several years)

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Can’t wait until I can finish mine! Started, but had to stop. My parents are anti aviation and it’s hard to make $5,000 as a teen.

Awesome :) Congrats :) Must be a dream come true :D Just waiting for summer again to come myself xD thinking about Glider flying xD

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Seems like another pilot on infinite community. It’s my dream to be a pilot, just a few more years… Anyway, well done :)

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I’m taking my PPL in 2 years through Air Cadets

BTW it’s free ;)

Congrats @The_simulation_nerd you’ll have a blast!

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Can you do these types of flight lessons in the UK? (Very dumb question) if so can you send me a link? Thank you

Not sure, as I live in the New York City suburbs

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When I was a teen, I got a $32,000 car. But because it has been like 10 years old now, it is probably worth $8,000-$10,000. I would love to save up money to do flying lessons, but I’ve just bought a $750,000 house. :(

I live in Surrey, close to EGLL, Heathrow.

I hope you enjoy it, but it costs about $200 USD per lesson where I take them. So, it’s pretty affordable.

That’s £131 which I think is good and affordable.

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What’s better is that I take them 2-3 times a month

That is something I would love, which aircraft do you fly? Cessena 178? Or 208?

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Cool! Does the instructor do take-off and landing?

I took off (in a crosswind 😏), but being it was my first lesson, he landed

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