I started flight lessons!

So today, I started flight lessons at KFRG. I already knew a bit about aviation, which surprised my instructor. This is thanks to you guys here on the community, and to think, a 2 week aviation course. I took off, climbed up to 3,500, and we flew around South of Long Island in VFR flight. We were constantly on alert for traffic, as today was a great day to fly. After doing some basic climbs, descents, and turns, we turned back to KFRG. We entered left downwind, continued and turned base, where my instructor took control for landing. I taxied back to the ramp when we were done. I will never forget this flight. Partially because my dad tagged along in the back seat :). image This is the aircraft I flew in. This is not my photo. My dad took all the pictures on his phone.


Congratulations man! I remember my first flight lesson… my dad tagged along in the backseat as well lol:)


My brother is coming with me next lesson. He’s only 8, and pretty hyped!


Awesome! So he’s interested in aviation also it sounds like

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Not as much, but still enough to really be jealous when I went up.

Ah cool. I can see why he would be. Aviation will do that to you:)

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He’s gonna start when he’s 12.

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Sweet. I stated literally a week after my 12th birthday lol! I couldn’t wait any longer haha

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My coworker is taking lessons out of KISP just east of you on LI. He CONSTANTLY tells me I should take a discovery flight of my own. He sees how into flight sim I get.

I will take that flight someday.

I’m jealous. Keep it up!

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Lol I had to avoid the Charlie Airspace surrounding KISP. So many turns!

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He flys a C172 but when Southwest lands or takes off… everyone waits. Wonder why? ;)

He’s getting ready for his solo but he’s nervous. The solo is Groton, CT and back. He’s ready, just nervous.

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Where I take lessons, you can solo up to Albany (Nassau Flyers)

Like I said - I’m jealous. Also, I will fly someday. My dad told me just recently that he took a discovery flight around the Boston area - just for the fun of it - when he was dating my mom. He’s 82 now. I never knew that until recently!

Wait… you can have someone in the back seat while you fly?

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Yeah, as long as they are within weight limitations

News to me. Too cool!

Go for it. Get your license. Enjoy life!

Maybe someday I’ll see you in the skies over LI!

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Maybe someday… (Flies 747-8 out of KJFK)

Closest I’ve flown lately IRL is a Southwest 737-700 from KISP to KMCO and back. I do it every year about this time. Can you say “Disney”?

In IF I do the KFLL to KTPA SID/STAR, again, Southwest 737-700. Wish they would add KMCO.

I tell my wife that if there is ever a problem on our flight where the pilot becomes incapacitated, I’ll be able to jump into the cockpit and land the plane. She says “Be sure to bring your iPad”!


Forgot to add that for the KISP - KMCO flights… I’m just a passenger.

Even still, after all the times I’ve done it, it’s still awesome when you line up on the runway, throttle up to speed, rotating, gear up, and climb to cruise. For me, it never get’s old.

My wife gets tired of me telling her what’s going on. She’s busy reaching for the air sick bag. Thank God she’s never used it!

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Your so lucky. It’s to expensive here so I have to go through air cadets

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My first lesson cost $127 USD with logbook, keychain, and a gift for my brother, so about $100 dollars per lesson, which is about 2 or 3 times per month. This was my gift for getting principal’s honor roll at my school (95% total average in all subjects combined)