I Spy A New Blog…With Rockets?!

Hey guys,

It looks like Infinite Flight has released a cool blog regarding Ground Service Equipment.

Here’s the link to check it out: How Falcon 9 Helped Fix A Bug


Thats hilarious, thanks SpaceX

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Elon Musk would be a proud robot today.


So will the falcon 9 rocket eventually be available as a fly able spacecraft in infinite flight?!!!

Time will tell as Jason said 🙂


Ok thanks for letting me know i guess we just have to wait patiently 😊

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Reminds me of the time I was controlling Shannon and Laura checked in at 100,000 feet in the International Space Station. Definitely got a laugh out of me. 😂


Elon going to buy Infinite Flight instead of Twitter. You heard it here first.


yay! i appreciate elon sending the 1 tesla to my house to run me over because i asked about the jetblue a320

Uh oh…. 👀

I guess we are de orbiting the ISS a little sooner than planned lol

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If rockets were possible to render, then I imagine it would also be possible to add again the Space Shuttle with 202x physics.

I don’t think like physically rendering the object was ever a real issue. The space shuttle in the context of the old shuttle landing mission and the Falcon 9 are basically entirely different things. The shuttle on approach and landing is a high speed glider, Falcon 9 is a rocket with 9 engines, almost 2 million lbs of thrust and no real aerodynamic surfaces. (yes grid fins, I see you, but you have nothing on proper wings)

I really doubt the Falcon 9 was ever implemented in any real way either, probably more of a sort of conceptual way which would require massive amounts of work to turn into anything remotely realistic to the real thing. But as I mentioned that’s not really the set of physics they need for the shuttle landing missions of old.

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