I speak of it because I come from there

Honestly I’ve seen too much of this:

“Why do you keep talking about Singapore?”

This restricts the freedom of speech here at the IFC. I come from that country, and so I speak about that country. And because I come from that country, I know the country well.

You can call it “nationalistic” or “spam” but when you’re from your own country, you first think of your own country’s airlines and routes unless you really hate your own country to the core.

I know this thread will most probably be closed but think about it.

Since when have I ever complained when you guys talked too much about SoCal or whatever there is? Everyone is free to like what they like. Free to speak about what they like — so long it’s relevant and acceptable by the general community.


You are from Singapore? Who knew?



In my honest opinion. When somebody asks a question not related to Singapore or just in general… They don’t need a answer strictly on Singapore.
Its like asking about SoCal and you give a answer about Singapore and its not related to the actual question the pilot asked.


Mai kpkb lah

People read wrongly then read wrongly.

I give my own side of the comparison.

When someone talks a lot about a particular country, the most probable case is that he comes from that country. Except for @SingaporeAirlines, who is an Indonesian, I can’t think of anyone who’s not Singaporean but love SIA a lot.


It has always been like this here


Except for this case where people flame me for talking “too much” about my own country.

I have to digress on that, some members want things to go their way.

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Unless its a question related to another region except for Singapore, I feel that they have no reason to flame you for freedom of speaking about your own country. I think that some people need to know this.

I would say that the only exception is when you end up posting too many new feature requests like AaronJ if I’m not wrong then people do get annoyed.

Some members? I haven’t really been looking but I guess that could be. Our goal has always been to encourage open discussion about Infinite Flight. Criticism allowed of course! Free speech all the way as long as it’s respectful. This isn’t a dictatorship or whatever you want to call it


That only applies to relatively new members who can’t accept the “what seems to be very harsh rules” on this forum

They’re really not that bad. If someone doesn’t get along with the community, they’re gone. Simple as that!

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Well that’s what I’ve noticed of new members… They insist on their ways then say that the mods are biased and all then they start to curse Matt for no reason lol

I was there thrice… Insisted on my own ways, suspended thrice… The 4th suspension had nothing to do with being new so I didn’t include it

Hmm I come from the netherlands (I don’t talk really mich about it) it is for me Ok if you want to talk about Your own country. So we learn thing about the whole world and I like it to know mich thing. So for me is it Ok to talk about Your own country.


Yes, it’s always good to exchange information about one another’s countries and cultures… That’s what makes this place amazing, a place full of people from all around the world!

Psst! I may start to learn Dutch soon ;) Somehow I’m motivated to do it because of Jan and flyingdutchman… Pleasant Dutch men! 😂


I guess some people don’t understand that this is an international forum. We only allow English discussion (unless it’s in #support:francais or #support:espanol) because English is the international language. But it’s still a community filled with members from around the world. Few discussions should solely be based on one country or place unless the topic specifically says so

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Well I’ve seen some people who really have no command of English so they just type in their native language like say Arabic or Portuguese… Language support is one thing that is overlooked imo

Just from the title, I knew you wrote this…

Lol why you learn dutch😂😂 it is a stupid language😳 I mean on school I have a C for dutch:( and a A+ for english.

Hallo ik speel Infinite Flight.

(Hello I play Infinite Flight)

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Who else can it be? Duh?