I seen someone at Gatwick!

A couple weeks ago I was on holiday with my family in London, and I was staying at aviators favourite hotel at Gatwick, BLOC hotels. Look at this view from my room:

Anyway, point being… guess who was at my gate when I was pushing back going home…

AviatorDan himself!

That’s all,
Thanks 🛫


Dan is such a good lad. Always waves XD


Nice coincidence! But unfortunately, real world photos are not allowed in this category, as per guidelines.

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Sorry! That’s all been changed now 🙃

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That’s funny. Did he just randomly see you wave or did you shout a “hello” over to him?

Well I had been messaging before telling him about flying out of LGW and I knew he was on shift ☺️

So he came to the gate just for you, or was he working on your aircraft?

He came to my gate just for me, I believe he was on a break, and waited for my aircraft to taxi and then left. He was off to work after I left.


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