I see some aircraft flying around that I don’t have

I’ve seen some aircraft update on my system. I have pro as well. But I have also seen planes like a United 737 and Virgin Australia 777-300 that I don’t see anywhere on mine. Is there something I am missing to get the updates? I’ve checked my app and It says It is up to date.

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Have you tried scrolling down in the list? ;)


Haha yes. I even tried deleting and re downloading the app too…:(

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If you use the arrows next to the livery name in the top right corner then?

What device are you using?

This happens to me. Click on the last airline on the list, then hit the down arrow once. You will then see that aircraft.

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It WORKED!! Thank you:)


No problem. Happy flying!

Were you using the IPhone X because i have that same problem

I was not. I think it is just a common problem that needed to be fixed. I have a iPhone SE

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