I see buildings, but no runways, taxiways, etc

On approach into KSFO the “3D” objects were visible, but there were no finished surfaces like runways, taxiways, etc. It looked like a dirt field with slightly darker spots in the areas where the runways, etc should be. Screenshots attached.

My device is an 8th Gen iPad with graphics settings on high, and this was the first time I’ve experienced this issue. The scenery cache was cleared prior to the flight.


Add it to the growing list… there’s not really an answer on what causes this yet. Although it is interesting that you have buildings but the issue below didn’t

I’ve had this happen once as well, but it was PHKO airport. As I was taking off on the “runway”, I got a taxi Overspeed violation, because the sim thought I was still on an active taxiway.

Yes, it seemed to differ from those, so I put it in a new topic vs comment on the others to report the details.

I have had this happen maybe every time I’ve flown for the last few days. Sometimes it seems like it’ll load and sometimes it doesn’t. People will say to clear the scenery cache. (When this happened to me like a year ago it worked) but now when I do that it doesn’t fix it. It’s weird like on one approach in the pattern the taxiways and stuff will be there and on the next approach they’ll be gone for me. I have enough available storage as well, so I really have no clue how to fix it for me and you. But at least someone else is having the same issue!

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