I saw the JetBlue a321 neo at JFK

I was on a jet blue flight on January 2nd and when I landed and we pulled into a gate right next to the a321 neo. Here are some pictures (low quality because I have an iPhone 5)


Very cool! My dad was just on one!

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Very cool! I can’t wait until Alaska gets some neo bois.


I thought they already have them? @anon38496261

They already have a bunch :)


Great pictures! You can also post in the thread below too since they are taken in a plane’s window.

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Indeed-they were the US launch customer for the A321neo!

It’s neat that your plane pulled into the gate next to it JetBlue’s livery works so well on the A321NEO

Oh, ok. I actually forgot 😅

Ok will do in the future :)

By some extension they were actually the launch customer…

That’s the one I took to and from FLL. Nice pics


Thanks for the support!

Very cool. I really like the NEO series of the A320 family!

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Get an 11 Pro lol

I got one for Christmas. It’s getting shipped to my home as Bermuda didn’t have any on island.

The IPhone 5 is great tho :(

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@Robertine I’m getting the iPhone 11 because the iPhone 5 can’t do anymore software updates. Also the iPhone 11 supports global while the iPhone 5 doesn’t. The iPhone 5 was great though.

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That’s really interesting. I live in Southern California, so there is apple stores all around.

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