I require a pair of cheap headsets

Hi, I’ve recently applied to go to ERAUs summer camp and part of the things I need are a pair of headsets. I really don’t have experience when it comes to that but since you seem to know your way around aviation I would like to see if you may answer my question. What are some cheap (but good) headsets for a student pilot (price can hopefully be under 100$). I might seem picky but I need a swift response as this is my last day to buy them. I am aware that this is in the wrong category but I have no one to ask and since the IFC is so helpful I decided to venture here. If it shall be closed then so be it but at least recommend me something before they do.

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Fly on a Airline and ask for some of their quality headsets… They are free and very high in quality

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Aren’t those headphones?

They are… But I’m sure if you leave a nice big tip, they will spare a headset (I’m just kidding FYI).

I’ve seen some good ones in GameStop or use the common plane pilot gear site

Dude he needs some by the end of the day

Davide Clark makes some popular headsets, as well as ASA for student pilots. Both should be good choices for the student pilot. (DC’s are a little expensive but they are quality. A friend has a pair of ASAs which he has also relayed to me as “worth the price”.)

I believe Singapore Airlines give you good headsets ;)

Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it but I would prefer that the headsets would be aviation related as required by the camp. I’m talking bose type headphones ( bose headphones are super expensive so please don’t reccomend them). I don’t want to sound picky though

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Quite hard for me to get them since I live in the carribean.

Maybe these?


I believe I looked at those earlier and they looked promising this they will have an eye bestowed upon it.

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The ASA ones seem interesting but man are the D&Ks expensive (at least for an aspiring pilot)

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everyone Aviation Headsets, I would go to sportys as they have some really inexpensive aviation headsets. i got mine for a 125 dollars and lasted me through my PPL Training