I renewed the live today but it doesn't work

I renewed the live today but it doesn’t work. Help me.

Are you sure you purchased the subscription under the same account with which you are attempting to log into IF?

These are the general steps given for resolution:

Personally, before deleting and reinstalling (and perhaps losing replays, etc), I would provide the information at the bottom to the support team’s email address and have them ensure that the subscription you purchased is tied to the proper account. Make sure you provide all of the details requested. (For example, the screenshot of your receipt doesn’t indicate whether that account is in any way tied to IF. It shows you purchased a sub, yes, but not whether it’s related to the account you use to log in.)

Any personal information I would send only via the email and not post here.


My subscription renewed as if it were a standard account, even though I am logged in with my correct account.

Are you saying that you know it was two separate accounts?

If so, they can do stuff in the background to switch the sub over to the correct account or merge them or something similar,

I would email the support team (support@infiniteflight.com) with all of the details and they should be able to fix it without too much hassle. Just provide as many details as you can (they’re listed at the bottom of the post I linked to.)


Yes he gave error at the time of purchase and stayed as a standard user. Thanks for the help I will send the email to support.

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