I remember a post about this

So a few weeks back some IFATC ppl rightfully complained how everyone flocks to hubs and there’s barely any traffic at other scheduled airports. here’s what I’m referring to:

so, I will be departing KFLL in about an hour from now. KFLL is one of the featured airports but not a mainhub, thus I don’t see much traffic but there’s also no IFATC (yet some unfeatured places like Tampa are open). Would IFATC be kind enough to open KFLL within the next hour? ty

Unfortunately IFATC doesn’t take requests to open an airport, we are volunteers. I’m sure someone will open if they have the time to! :)


Unfortunately, IFATC doesn’t take requests on what airports to open. As we are volunteers, the airports will be open at ATC discretion. The more pilots at an airport, the higher chance it will be open


I think my post is a valid observation that should not be closed. Give me a break…

nice job of y’all to point out a problem but then do nothing to fix it. Why can’t we have a thread about featured airports? it’s called communication

well then refer to my other previous response. Simple

I’m not saying your post should be closed, that’s not my intention, and I do agree with the post that you linked. It’s just that IFATC are volunteers and will open when they want to, and they unfortunately don’t take requests to open an airport.


We are just telling you how it is

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Right back at ya lol

Sorry, that was a bit misleading.

I guess the question is what are you trying to solve first. Traffic at your airport, no atc, etc?

Your answers are a little all over the place so it is hard to answer.


No, I think the message is pretty clear: In my particular case, it would benefit to open KFLL. But overall, I am referencing the post linked…if IFATC complain about lack of traffic variety, and pilots complain about lack of ATC variety, then why don’t we make a thread for featured airports? So we can coordinate when airports should be open and what not…re-read please

Nice post and nice try, and as expected you got the usual responses.

My pessimistic look on this is that you fly to KFLL, an IFATC will open up, and close again before you arrive. And because traffic is light, no ATC will take over. And as a result you will land on an unstaffed airport and think: next time, I’m flying to the hub, like everyone else…

My optimistic look is that someone opens 10 mins before you arrive. And you butter that landing with a big smile on your face 😊


what do you mean “nice try?” I’m not looking for solely personal benefit, I’m merely presenting a reoccurring problem that is clearly experienced by members of the community other than myself

KFLL not being open

Controllers have lives and being a Tuesday of a workweek not every airport may be open. You are always welcome to join the team.

why don’t we make a thread for featured airports?

We have one, its the weekly schedule. What difference is there with a separate topic saying “these are open today” vs the schedule. These airports open and close every hour so things happen. Not everyone plans out what they are going to open days in advance. There is really no benefit to it. It sounds like you want to know when something is going to be open. If ATC had more people maybe this would be possible but for now you get what the volunteers open.


Some airports are just not draws. Some airports have limited slots for the bigger aircraft that people love to fly. Some people prefer going to airports with ATC. Even if ATC opened right now it would be a good 20 minutes before traffic started to potentially pick up.

I understand your frustration though. It is just the nature of things until we get 1000 active ATC members who can be open more.


I know.
I’m the one that wrote the article you referenced. I know the issue. Your frustration is mine. We’re in sync.

You’ve seen the replies to my thread. There are your answers. The ‘infinite loop’ is real. People want to fly and control where the action is. And we all live with the consequences: bored IFATCs and frustrated pilots.

The human race is brilliant in creating its own problems. Always has been.

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oh lol my bad. yes now i see you’re the author. whoops.

yep these are sadly the very typical responses.

Well, would you look at that, @Kyle has kindly opened for you. Enjoy, have a nice flight!


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