I recieved a level 2 violation from a controller from another frequency that i was not in

I was flying from Sydney to seattle in a Virgin Australia Boeing 777. I was on approach to the airport and everything went fine, i followed everything the ATC told me to do, then after establishing on the localizer, i switched to the tower controller. I continued my final approwch when i decided to abort my landing and perforn a go around because i was floating for too long. The Tower controller handed me over to the center controller and i requested approach back to seattle once again. The controller told me to continue as filed. When i was on downwind, i switched back to tower. The tower told me to turn base a while after, so i execued the turn. at that moment, i got ghosted for not following instructions by the center controller.
I had no idea how did that happen, any help would be appreciated, thanks!!

Please PM @appeals with your replay

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You may PM your controller @Andy350 for clarifications as well :)

Hey! Please PM me. Thanks!

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Please contact the controller above. Thanks!