I received overspeed violations on Expert

I was flying in Hawaii and went left the screen for 2 minutes (with autopilot on) but I forgot to turn on the speed auto throttle and ended up overspeeding and getting banned… When I came back I cut throttle turned on flight spoilers but it wasn’t fast enough and I got reported ): I am now banned for 3 days…


Was this on expert?

Yes it was

Ahh. Bad news. Sorry to hear that :(, although you shouldn’t be leaving your flight at all.

You should never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever leave your plane flying on the expert server.


I had my phone plugged in

What do you mean?

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Autonav. :)

But I never leave on takeoff/climb or descent/landing.

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I had my phone charging and I had to leave for 2 minutes

Exactly. When I am at a steady altitude, speed, and state of being! (Like if I’m not being vectored, or if I’m cleared for VFR)

I was at altitude but forgot to turn on speed autopilot

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Well there you have it!

Yep. Gotta watch that for sure. I’m sitting @ FL600 right now at a cool 803 KTAS.

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