I received a violation for speeding when I wasn't.

As I was landing at KNUC in the Southern Calufornia region, I landed before the threshold. This meant I had to expedite as the airport was busy. I received a violation warning for not remaining under 35 knots when I was on the runway obeying all instructions. Can someone please help? 😭😖😔🙁☹️😟😞

You were probably basing that off of airspeed. When your true speed while taxing is ground speed. Your airspeed can be 20 and ground speed 40

Incorrect. My ground speed was indeed over 35 knots, however, I was in the runway and not on the taxiway. Thanks for you advice though🙂

It’s 35kts Ground Speed.

Anyway, your case is very strange. It has been a long time I have not landed in KNUC and I don’t remember the runway…could you have a photo? What do you mean by before threshold?

Here are the distances counted for landing:


Do you have a displaced threshold at KNUC?

LDA = Landing Distance Available
It starts at 30ft above threshold. (so even if you land on the threshold, you are still part of the LDA).

But if there is no displaced threshold, and you landed before the runway threshold, it means that you landed before the runway (grass, water…etc)


Here is a runway with a stopway and a DTHR.


If you landed on the stopway, you should get a violation. This is not part of the LDA (but the ASDA) .


You are not allowed to land on the displaced threshold (DTHR). It is only used for taxi and take-off as the manuals says (sorry it’s in French).


So you land at or after the runway threshold, not on the DTHR. Imagine you land on runway 09/27, which has:

A stopway - DTHR (1) - RWY - DTHR (2)

DTHR1 is at the begining of RWY 09. DTHR2 is at the opposite side, so at the begining of RWY 27.

You are landing RWY 09.
You have to land at/on/after the RWY threshold. You then roll out. You are allowed to go on DTHR 2 because:


Note: You can take-off from DTHR1

Could you explain your case?


Reading this thread may help

@SexyPepsi, check my previous answer.

Maybe he was over 35kts when crossing the hold short line. Immediate violation is the consequence.

“I landed before the threshold”! There you have it! Next… Max Sends