I really want to create real organised events!

Hey FDS and other members! I really want to be able to post real, sensible, creative events but I’m only trust level 1 and I heard you need to be trust level 2!! I’ve been active on the community for a while now and it has not gone up still!
Please level me up!


I feel your frustration , but just keep liking and reading posts and you will get there in no time ! :)

Take a look at this for a basic overview …


… and avoid getting flagged


Apparently not active enough. Just keep looking and reading (although recently topics are not as interesting as they used to be), share your opinions and recieve likes.
You’ll get there.


How do you know when your TL2?

You’ll receive a notification when you have gained the ‘member’ trust level. Same applies when you gain the ‘basic user’ or ‘regular’ trust level.

Thanks @Tecnam2TA

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I read this ages ago

Just showing it to you just in case you haven’t viewed it before …

Ok np :)!!

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