I really tried my best // @ EHEH

I’m saving up for a new camera
I would love some feedback from you guys!

A very smooth landing

EI-DLH coming from London Stansted

A transavia 737 from Lanzarote

Another transavia that came from Salzburg

HA-LWU on its way to Varna


Lovely shots! Eindhoven looks great for spotting :)

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The locations are nice but the variety is a bit of an issue. It’s mostly European budget airlines and military traffic which gets repetitive real quick


Nice one!!

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Yeah, it’s the same with my local airport, all you really see is Wizzair and EasyJet. It’s still a nice location though!

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Nice pictures! Next time you should check where the sun stands so you don’t have backlight. The colors of the planes will show much prettier.

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Definitely! But the issue is, there’s only 4 good locations and all of them look at the same angle so I can’t do anything about it being backlit or not (unless I go in the early morning but then I have school)

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Nice shots! Been wanting to go to Eindhoven for some of the NATO MRTTs and other military aircraft that pass by.

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Those are great! Eindhoven is indeed a great place for plane spotting. I’ve been there for a couple times for a day of plane spotting. Realy nice.

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The MRTT is one of my favorite aircraft!

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