I realized about the Northwest E175 and Flybe E195

While adding in my database I looks through the registrations in Jetphotos and one of them in Infinite seems to got it wrong

Also the flybe one also

I can understand why is like this since these aircrafts are very old but if there’s a rework of the ERJ Family they should be either fixed or add a accurate registration to them

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Ok from what I’ve seen the -200 version of the E170 and E190 are pretty similar to the E175 and E195 so I think its kinda accurate to infinite flight

Are you saying the LR version are included instead of the classic ones?

This would most likely be the case. The 787-10 for example doesn’t have real registrations, but it didn’t have a real operating airliner at the time. When a rework comes we can almost guarantee the registrations will be correct. The developers and Beta team are always great on this. 😊


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