I reached grade 3, any good VA?

Dear IFC, I just reached level 3, I am planning to continue my training on the training server for at least 50 more flight hours before moving to the Expert one.
In the meanwhile I would like to join a good VA, I saw the website with all the available VAs.
Do you have any advice, which one is the best in term of learning and experience?

Thanks a lot

They are all good in their own ways. Best thing for you to do is go through all the VAs you are interested in and then choose the one you think matches what you are looking for. Nobody can tell you which is the best and what to join. It is your decision.


You can also check #live:va and see if any VAs have the requirements you like


I wouldn’t wait to do that, those 50 hrs will not make you more prepared for Expert then actually flying on Expert. The ES is nothing to be feared!

But to add a caveat, recommend that you avoid a FNF on ES until you have experienced IFATC on a couple of occasions as they are crazy busy. Suggest that you find the airport of the week or a tower that has a low number of inbound flights and fly a 1hr flight into, and then plan an outbound flight of a similar airport ( or the same) so you get the hang of the ATC controls at a time that the IFATC controller is less busy.

If not already done so then check out the tutorials on ATC commands etc so you know what to expect!

Welcome and happy flying.


I would have to say

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