I reached 1M XP! :D

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well.

Today, 10th of october of 2021 I reached 1 million XP! :D Exactly 1 year, 9 months and 14 days (or 654 days) since I made my first flight in this amazing flight simulator.

Im very proud of myself, if I can do it you can do it aswell.

Motivational quote: “No matter who you are or where you come from, we are all lifted by the same set of wings” (I saw this phrase in an user’s description and I thought it was very motivating)

Thx for clicking in my topic lol and I hope to see you in the skies! :D


how are you Grade 5 lol
Congrats bro!

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You did it!How many times do you fly per week?


Multiple times, mostly in the weekend :)

Awesome, congrats! 1 Million is such a great milestone! 👏

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Any god, such a clean grade table, 0 violations everywhere. This would be impossible for my grade table😂

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Thank you everyone :)

Congratulations! Keep climbing. See you in the skies

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That’s incredible guess you’re a millionaire now

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