I reached 1,000,000XP!

This morning I reached 1,000,000XP. This took me about 3 years on multiple accounts, with times when I flew every day and also a half year break. About 14 months back I then became my iPad, which made this game so much more enjoyable. Since then I gathered about 800,000XP. My progress is always slowed down because I can only rarely do overnighters due to my WiFi automatically turning off during the nights. In the past half-year, my flying increased by a lot because of two factors.

First, I joined @easyJetVirtual and I accumulated 100 flying hours in my first week. The second factor is that Germany entered another lockdown because of the second CoVid-19 wave. This gave me the idea to start my newest project which made me do A LOT of flights in the past two weeks (I am close to finish).

Of course, I wanted to make my 1,000,000XP flight something special. I first thought about a long-haul that would also contribute to my project, the problem was though, that I had already done every long-haul. My second thought was flying my favorite airline, Austrian (Airlines). This airline really shaped my interest in aviation, because most of my flights were with them when visiting my grandparents in Krasnodar. In this process, Vienna also became one of two favorite airports (the other is obviously Munich as it is my home airport). I then yesterday found out about the “Jerusalema Dance challenge”, in which companies and groups from all over the world participated, getting millions of views because the song really gives hope and strength to fight all the downsides of the pandemic. I first stumbled upon Ethiopian participating, but after that, I was so happy to see Austrian also take part!

Because the music represents Africa, I then chose the route Vienna (LOWW) to Cape Town (FACT) to be my 1,000,000XP flight. Austrian normally serves this route with their B772 under the flight number OS31.
I of course also took some pictures of that flight, so I will never forget my most memorable flight.
I stayed realistic and departed at 5 pm local time. Interesting is, that you stay in one timezone during the whole 11-hour flight, as you strictly fly south.

Here I am rotating out a windy Vienna from runway 29.

After that, I turned south crossing Hungary, Croatia, Italy, and the Mediterranean Sea. After that I entered Africa via Libya, cruising at an initial cruising altitude of 36,000ft. I then flew further south crossing countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, and Luanda, before entering South Africa. I then started my descent from my final cruising altitude of 38,000ft.
On my downwind leg, I then passed some mountains on my left, and that’s when I took this photo:

On right downwind Runway 01 of Cape Town (FACT).

I then turned base over the bay of Cape Town, before intercepting the ILS of Runway 01. I landed with quite a crosswind, making me miss the centerline by a bit. I then took the exit on my left and parked at a remote gate just like the real flight I followed.

The original flight from the 21st of March 2020.

My flight from a few hours ago

To conclude this, here is my flight report:

Thank you all for all the support on my Youtube Channel as well!



Congratulations on reaching 1,000,000XP!!!

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Thanks mate! Took me pretty long xD

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Haha! i’m almost there for 1,000,000XP too, it’ll probably take 1 month to reach it or less if i keep doing long haul flights :)

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Congratulations! I remember when I hit 1M XP, it definitely was an achievement for me. What’s your next goal/aim? 🥳

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Thanks a lot! I honestly dont have one at the moment. But with buildings and clouds coming I dont see myself quitting soon, so probably 2,000hrs of flight time at first and 2,000,000XP as a long-term goal.

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Wow 😮 1,000,000 XP!!

Thanks man! I mean not too impressive since it took me 3,5 years, but pretty cool

Congratulations and welcome to the million XP club!

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First of all @anon2996007 congratulations 🤙
I was wondering how you got the Flight Plan out🤔

IFOperations, free to download

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Thank you for this information
I’m looking 👍

Yeah it is Infinite Flight Operations. Its completely free and gives you those flight reports, as well as your landing VS.

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Never knew this club existed xD But thanks and I am looking forward to achieve more

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Thank you for the information

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Youre welcome :D

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Huge congrats man, one million XP is something to be proud of!

Thanks! Its definitely cool to have that extra digit

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Congratulations on the milestone, continue gathering more experience.

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