I reach grade 3!

Hey, guys I just reach Grade 3 just then, I’m planning to attend some events and learn a bit more about the Expert server




Good for you! Just remember to follow all rules and ATC instructions.

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Do you have all the rules’s link?

A good thread if you wanna stay there:

You can check out #ground-school too, or Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel. They provide very good resources which can help you in flying on Infinite Flight.

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Thanks for helping me guys

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Congratulations mate I hope you go have a good moment on the Expert Server !

Another one time congratulations !

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Congratulations! See you in Expert ✈️

That’s a great achievement, well done!

Just a tip, don’t be scared to fly, it is so much more fun! Just follow instructions and you are ok! It is a simulator after all :)

You should join a Va

Congratulations. Hopefully I’ll see you around while I’m flying or controlling!

Welcome to the expert server!

Some things you should know:

Follow all ATC instructions or you WILL be ghosted.

Try joining a virtual airline.

Fly to featured airports.


Well welcome to the world of expert server, glad to have you here! Congrats on grade 3!

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Congratulations, and welcome to the expert server! Here’s a great topic that you should check out before you begin your adventures on ES!


Thanks guys until then see you in expert server