I rarely fly on IF nowadays, but the reason is…

As I look back at the thousands of hours I spent on here, I’m glad I can still come back and play it every once in a while with an amazing community. I miss being a part of AAVA and FDXVA a few years ago but now I work in real life. 😉

I Hope to be back on my days off one day. See you in the skies!


Well, I think it’s ok that you fly rarely atm. I tend to say graphics are better in your current game ;)


I thought I was missing something until I really looked close and realized they were real pics lol


I sense flexing vibes here. Congrats!

I wish that was my reason for when I don’t play IF often.

In my days of being MEGP on flights, incentive flights, filming flights; doing air refuelings, airdrops, the quick turns and min crew rests; I started feeling like “are we there yet? We done yet? Leaving McChord to Alaska to Japan, crew rest, to 2 stops in Japan the next day, then Hawaii, crew rest then back to McChord in like 3 -4 days.

Awesome! Glad to see you flying the real thing now and still touch base with IF when able :)

Blue skies!


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This is so amazing!!

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Wow, congrats!

I hope Infinite Flight was helpful to get you in this seat :)

Let us know if you’ve got any feedback on our 737 physics now that you know the plane first hand!


I was like damn these graphics on flight sim are crazy but yeah awesome job !!

It would be cool to be onboard with a pilot who plays IF

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