I randomly crashed

Just happened again RIP

Lol glad it wasn’t just me. My LHR - HKG flight ended up in the mountains of Russia. Just loading the replay to find out what exactly happened :(

Edit: the OAT suddenly changed to 2147483647 degrees C

For me my throttle just got cut :(

Lmao it went to like a million degrees


Seb how’s your job role doing? Might be worth staying in bed a bit longer tomorrow…

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yes, I noticed an issue with winds being incorrect about an hour ago, made a topic about it…the resultant weather server restart seems to be impacting a lot of people. Hopefully everyone’s next flight will go better than this.

Meanwhile, I’m going to stay on the ground for a little while…

My air temperatures all stayed normal on mine I’ve just checked my replays

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I still can’t take off

Be patient. They are working their magic

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lol and soon was u get above 1,000 feet, it happens…

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Yeah, it’s the winds aloft data being entirely messed up.


Perhaps we should wait until tomorrow to start a new flight, I don’t want to risk the flight going down again😅

Yes l got violation for stunts above airport lol

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Me doing KEWR-WSSS with an hour left 🥲


Seb’s dedication 🤯. Respect 👌 Thanks so much for the hard work all the staff are putting into resolving this issue, and fingers crossed they can resolve it soon.


Same man idk why

Rip my 10hrs flight 😓

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Thats unfortunate for everyone planes!

so sorry that this happened to you guys

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Hey everyone, thank you for your patience on this. Again, we’re really sorry about the inconvenience to your flight.

We’ve just fixed the weather server so it doesn’t return data with this temperature anomaly which should let you start your flight again. We’re monitoring to keep things under control.

As mentioned already, violations will be automatically removed if you received any